Autodesk Alias Design 2018 Commercial New Single-user ELD Annual Subscription


Autodesk Alias Surface 2018 Commercial New Single-user ELD Annual Subscription


Create innovative designs faster
Alias Surface — 1-Year SubscriptionStyle, form, and function all influence a consumer’s choice of products. Create the innovative designs consumers want-faster than your competition. Use Autodesk Alias Surface 1-Year Subscription to experiment with ideas, rapidly iterate concepts, and refine winning details.

What’s New

Virtual reality with Alias – Enhance design reviews with virtual reality. Explore your design to scale using an HMD in VR.

Photoshop live link – Sketches from Photoshop can be linked to Alias. Changes to sketches are dynamically updated in Alias.

Computational design in Alias – Quickly generate complex repeatable patterns and enable rapid design iterations and exploration.

Marking Menu editor – More easily customize Marking Menus with a new selection of styles.

Design model share – Design and collaborate on a single Alias model in the cloud. Review, mark up, and collaborate via the web and on portable devices.

Offset tool – Offset command ensures that offset CV layout quality is maintained, enabling a semi-automated, time-saving workflow.

Look around feature – Fly to a point of interest immediately; enable immediate navigation to a point in the design.

Canvas pivot function – Manipulate Canvas layers like any other geometry type—scale, snap, and pivot images in real time.

Performance improvements – Multithreading implemented for File I/O for Alias reduces File Open and Save times by an order of 3.


Concept Design and Fast Content Modeling

Flexible product modeling – Fast, repeatable, curve-based modeling tools let you directly edit and sculpt 3D models.

Improved color assignment for layers – Random custom color assignments for layers and layer folders.

Customized clutch keys – Define clutch key assignments.

View options in Curve Planarize – Add view options in the Curve Planarize.

Surface fillet improvements – Add the option of Inter Continuity and Inter Tangent Angle checking in surface fillets.

New options in Skin tool – Add the Shape option in the Skin 2012 tool to control the CV layout of the Skin surface section.

Variable degree surface fillets – You have the ability to have a variable degree in fillet surfaces.

Interface enhancements – Improvements for the 2018 release include customizable keyboard controls, snapping, marking menus, and more.

Dynamic shape modeling – Quickly manipulate your product model and explore shape variations on 3D forms without rebuilding geometry.

3D sculpting – 3D sculpt surfaces by directly adjusting surface control vertices. Use curve-based tools, direct modeling, and more.

Detailed Design and Surface Analysis

Deck seam – Deck seam (similar to a flat fell seam) has been added to the Stitch and Seam tool.

Mathematically precise surface creation – Access tools that help you create mathematical shapes. For example, control pitch with the Revolve tool, and more.

Multiblend tool – Make smooth transitions between surfaces.

Light ray effects and reflections – Study your surfaces in a virtual lighting studio with the Light Tunnel tool.

Automatic arrays of shapes – Simplify uniform and non-uniform objects, using arrays. Create arrays of lines and surfaces in 2D and 3D.

Stitches and seams – Automatically create stitches and seams.

Surface chain select tool – Select a chain of surfaces with one pick.

Shading in clay – Temporarily change your shaders to a clay material. When you’re finished, your model goes back to its original form.

Isophotes for surface flow – Reveal design motion and underlying shape—for example, the movement of sand or the shape of snow on a mountain.
Surface evaluation – Get more accurate feedback on surface model quality.

VRED NURBS surface analysis – Achieve more accurate, native spline definition analysis.
Surface Modeling and Class-A Surfacing

Global refit – Refit your digital model to the changed physical model.

Modeling enhancements – The 2018 release includes enhancements to Surface Fillets and Curve Planarize. Data Transfer now offers STEP AP242 standard and DWG import and export.

Scan data workflows: surface from mesh – Create a surface on mesh with 1 of 3 surface types.

Improved Surface from Mesh tool – Update original data with scanned clay data.

Precision surface modeling – Create Class-A surfaces with speed and control.

Automated surface creation and editing – Perform multiple operations with a single tool.

Multicurve profile input – Profile tools provide an advanced way to work with surfaces, such as rotating a profile to a target surface.

Efficient Multisurface Fillet tool – Speed up the process from factor to surface fillet.

Intelligent form factor capability – Define ratios with Form Factor tools.

Scan data workflows: mesh selection techniques – Use an expanded mesh selection toolset.

Design Communication and Product Visualization

Interactive product visualization – Evaluate design options with real-time visualizations. Use shading models, apply color, add texture, and more.

Compelling photorealistic renderings – Visualize your product with high-resolution imagery.

Convenient data exchange – Share industrial design data with mechanical design and CAD software, including Inventor, CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, and many others.

VRED compatibility – Quickly convert Alias files to VRED software for 3D visualization.

Interoperability with other tools – Interoperability helps streamline operations with other products used in the design process, such as cutters, meshers, and more.

Switch between shading assignments – Easily switch between color combinations.
Variant configuration sets – Capture your current view to return to it easily.


Create innovative designs faster
Alias Surface — 1-Year SubscriptionStyle, form, and function all influence a consumer’s choice of products. Create the innovative designs consumers want-faster than your competition.